Better milk production and stronger piglets   

Challenges with too many weak sucklings and not enough milk were turned around after many years of trying to come up with a solution.

Poul Grøntved is a Danish pig producer. He owns a farm with 800 sows producing seven-kilo piglets. Like many other farms, Poul Grøntved has a growing litter size but struggled to increase the sows’ milk yielding to feed the growing litter. Lack of milk resulted in a poor production result and weak sucklings.

Changes in feed 

At the farm, they use dry feed for the piglets and liquid feeding for the sows. Once the liquid feeding system was optimised, and the functional complementary dry, feed EP199 was added to control the biology of the feed, the farm had remarkable changes in the production result.

Betters sows rear better piglets

Poul Grøntved quickly experienced higher milk production and udder tension – though the full effect of the functional feed EP199 doesn’t show before three to six months.

After three months, even the smallest piglets were vital and viable and a much lower number of piglets had to be put down.

”The mortality dropped, and the piglets weigh in average 7-800 grams more. Even though the sows are weaning larger litters, they are in good condition afterwards – and we wean after five weeks”, says Poul Grøntved.

Today Poul Grøntved produces 35-36 piglets per sow per year as opposed to 32-33  piglets per sow per year before EP199.

”It’s much better being a farmer and for the employees to work with sows, who can take good care of their sucklings.  In all of my years of production, I have never tried anything, working that well with a lasting effect. So we will keep on using EP199″, says Poul Grøntved after one year of using EP199.

How does EP199 work?

EP199 is a functional and fermented complementary feed. The product can be used in both dry and liquid feeding. The feed consists of probiotics, prebiotic fibers and bioactive metabolites. EP199 promotes the beneficial bacteria in the gut microflora and contributes to a balanced microflora. EP199 contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds.

EP199s effect on sows: If you want to know more about the effects of EP199 on sows, then click here. 


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