We have asked our customers to share their experiences and results using functional proteins. You can read our listen to their challenges and how functional protein helped them to better results.

Finnish Pork Producer Ahead of the CO2 challenge

Finnish pork producer ahead of the climate challenge

The Finnish pork producer Atria has succeeded in making soy-free feeding concepts for pigs. See how fermented rapeseed meal and seaweed helped >

Replaced soy with fermented rapeseed meal in pig feed

The pig producer reduced the inclusion of soy protein and upped the fermented rapeseed meal, benefiting his climate report. See how >
A-competitive-soy protein-for-weaners

A competitive soy protein for weaners

In 2015, the pig breeder was looking for a price-competitive alternative to his former soy protein. He chose EP200 - See why >
Avler sundhed med lokalt protein

Healthy breeding through local protein source

For the breeder, René Hansen, healthy sows are crucial for his production. And so, the pig producer feeds a local protein source. See which>
How a pig producer boosts his sows milk yield

How a pig producer boosted the sow's milk yield 

The Danish pig producer needed a higher milk yield and stability for his sow herd. With EP199, the sows have now increased their milking ability. Watch or read the case here >
Gitte has weaned more than 120,000 zinc free piglets

How Gitte weaned 120,000 Zinc free pigs

Gitte Jessen has weaned more than 120,000 pigs. Listen to Gittes most valuable advice for pig producers about removing zinc from the weaning feed.
Seaweed helps pig producers with zincfree weaning

Danish pig producer saves 100 kilos of sow feed per sow

The Danish Pig Producer has been using EP199 in his sow feed for a year. Listen to what the rapeseed and seaweed protein did to promote the health and productivity of the sows.
Photo of Bankers Agro employees

How a Dutch pig producer increased earnings by 114 EUR per sow

Read about how Wilfred Bankers increased earning by 114 EUR per sow per year with EP199 for his sows and EP200 for his piglets.
A picture of pig producer Michael Rasmussen, in the process of feeding the piglets in the weaner unit

More weaned pigs with help from EP199

In July 2019, Michael Rasmussen tried EP199 for his gestated sows and young females to improve appetite and consequently milk yield and the number of weaned sows. The last six months, the number of weaned piglets have improved considerably due to management and use of EP199.
Svineproducent der fodrer EP199 til sine søer.

Three pigs more with new protein for the sow herd

In October 2019, Dortheasminde chose to feed EP199 for the sows to improve their productivity. At only 23,5 EUR a sow, he managed to wean three piglets more, increase weaning per litter by 0.7 piglets and add an extra 700 grams of weight at weaning.
Et billede af svineproducent Nikolaj Larsen, der betragter smågrisene i klimastalden


Skinny sows and a lack of milk yield challenged the multiplier NyborgAvl. Nikolaj Larsen has tried several types of complementary feeds but experienced that the effect didn't last for long. He had little hope of a lasting impact when he started using EP199.
Sows fed fermented rapeseed and seaweed provide more milk and stronger piglets.


Boosting milk production and increasing the number of weaned piglets is a growing concern as litter size keeps increasing. More piglets are sharing the same colostrum demanding more milk yielding from the sow.


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