Are you comparing prices on soy protein for your piglets?

Then you are in the right place: Find out whether you have a great offer on soy protein – or if there’s room for improvement and negotiations.

At the end of this article, you can find a soy protein calculator to help you compare prices.

Reasons for checking the price of your soy protein for piglet feed

Refined soy protein typically makes up about 5-10% of your pig feed in the first rations but accounts for a considerable cost of your total weaner feed.

When choosing soy protein, you should always check the prices to ensure you get value for money.

Though many pig producers compare different sources and brands of soy protein 1:1 – there are some differences you should know.

Four types of soy protein for pig feed

Enzymatically treated, lactic acid fermented,  extruded, and concentrated soy protein are four of the most common types of soy.

Here are the five most important differences:

  1.  Protein level (50-65%)
  2.  Lactic acid content (0-7%)
  3.  The amount of ANFs varies just a bit (ANFs are compounds capable of hindering growth)
  4.  The acid binding capacity varies a lot (learn more about ABC-values here)
  5.  The number of minerals (protein concentrates hardly contain minerals)

Without further details describing the differences, you can find a calculator below. The calculator gives you a foundation for comparison of soy protein prices based on crude protein content.

Are you wondering why the protein content differs from our data from the datasheet you received from the protein producer? There’s a straightforward explanation.

At European Protein, we test different types of soy protein several times a year, so the protein levels in the calculator display the most recent test results from Eurofins.

Remember to add transport prices – or deduct them if transportation is included in your offer.

Remember to add the value of lactic acid in the soy protein

The soy protein EP200 contains  7% lactic acid. The lactic acid allows you to replace some of the acidifiers you are adding to your pig feed today. This, too, needs to be added to the value of the feed.

Compare your prices on soy protein 

Sadly there are no price comparison pages for refined soy protein that we know of.

As a result, we have made a calculator where you enter your price and protein level for your current soy protein offer. The calculator will then show you the maximum equivalent price you should pay for other types of soy protein.

The calculator will enable you to compare the price level of your current soy protein solution with other types of soy protein.

An example:

> You pay 870 EUR per ton of soy with a crude protein content of 55.8%. 

> You got an offer on soy protein containing 50.2%  crude protein. This soy shouldn’t cost you more than 784 EUR per ton.


Want to replace your soy protein?

Are you considering testing a new soy protein in your pig feed?

René Hansen has used the soy protein EP200 since 2015.

Listen to his experiences with EP200 here.


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