Would you like to wean more pigs and increase stability in the farrowing stable?

To ensure growth and support the development of the gut’s ability to absorb and utilize feed, pig producers use highly digestible protein for piglets.

A healthy gut equals a sound immune system which the piglets need when they no longer receive antibodies through the sow milk. Unfortunately, few know that the health of the piglets is greatly affected through the sow feed during gestation and lactation. Enough to place sow nutrition next to piglet nutrition when wanting to rear healthy and resilient piglets. 

During gestation and lactation complementary feed for the sow can – without feeding the offspring – increase[1]:

  •  the utilization of nutrients and minerals for both sow and piglets
  •  the level of haemoglobin for both sow and piglet
  •  the number of antibodies in the colostrum by 30-40 %
  •  bone strength, cartilage and mechanical properties for the piglets

And reduce:

  • the occurrence and longevity of diarrhoea 
  • mortality with more than 50 %

Focusing both on complementary feed for piglets as well as for sows positively affects the productivity for pig producers.

More weaned pigs

European Protein has created a new concept, called: “The First 175 Days”. It is a holistic approach for healthy piglet production. The concept focuses on the development of the piglet from an embryo and up til 25-30 kilos.

The concept is new within pig farming but has been welcomed by pig producers, who have used the product for both half a year and several years. They experience increased stability in the farrowing stable, more weaned piglets, an increased milk production, higher vitality amongst piglets, a decrease in re-inseminations and a better ability to keep the sow condition. 

You can see the results from the breeder NyborgAvl here.

You can see the multipliers Poul Grøntved’s results here.

European Protein is conducting DNA-test

European Protein is documenting the concept through faeces, blood and milk samples from the sows before and after use of EP199. The test will measure the development of antibodies in the sow colostrum, inflammation in the blood and the bacteria distribution in the gut. All data is collected in a ‘gut health bank’ in collaboration with Copenhagen University, who will be analyzing the faecal samples. 

Read more about the test here.

[1] Eugeniusz R.Grela et al., A fermented rapeseed meal additive: Effects on production performance, nutrient digestibility, colostrum immunoglobulin content and microbial flora in sows,  Animal Nutrition, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 373-379

Tomaszewska et al., Dried fermented post-extraction rapeseed meal given to sows as an alternative protein source for soybean meal during pregnancy improves bone development of their offspring, livestock Science, Volume 224, June 2019, Pages 60-68

Anna Czech et al., Biochemical and hematological blood parameters of sows and piglets fed a diet with a dried fermented rapeseed meal, Annals of Animal Science,2019, DOI:10.2478/aoas-2019-0079


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