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Try the soy protein EP200 for your pigs?

The soy protein EP200 can replace other sources of refined soy and far more expensive animal protein sources.

We have done several tests that show EP200s capability of replacing the most common refined soy proteins on the market –  with similar or better production results.

With EP200, you can replace or reduce the inclusion of acidifiers in your feed, which you pay to have added into your weaned piglet feed. EP200 contains  7% lactic acid, which is included free of charge.

When you make the transition to EP200, remember to optimise your feed. The optimisation is free of charge when you buy soy protein from European Protein.

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You are welcome to get in touch with Pia Sørensen or Kasper Legarth.

Pia Sørensen

Pia Sørensen

Pig and feed advisor

+ 45 25 34 04 04
[email protected]

Kasper Legarth

Kasper Legarth

Sales Manager

+45 40 18 93 34
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European Protein is a Danish family-owned protein producer. We work to promote health and productivity for animals through functional and sustainable plant proteins. The company was founded in 2011 and has protein factories in Denmark, Ukraine and the US.

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European Protein is GMP+-certified


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