A competitive soy protein for weaners

In 2015, René Hansen from Trøllundgaard Breeding and Multiplying sought a price-competitive alternative to their former soy protein. After scanning the market, René chose to try EP200 – a fermented soy protein from European Protein. 


Avler sundhed med lokalt protein

About the farm

Trøllundgaard Breeding and Multiplying covers three farms: the sow farm Gilbjerggaard, with all breeding and pure-bred sows, Trøllundgaard with hybrid sows and finishers and a third farm with finishers. In addition, the farms cultivate 1,000 hectares of land in Central Jutland. The company employs 14 farm workers, and the sow herd consists of 700 DanBred-Yorkshire sows for breeding.

The sows are all fed with home-mixed liquid feed added EP199, and the weaned pigs are fed a dry feed with the soy protein EP200.

Better feed – better price

René Hansen is a home mixer, so the farm produces all its feed. However, in 2015, the DanBred-breeder was looking for a better and less costly soy protein for his weaned pigs, and it was during his search the farm manager came across EP200. When asked about the reason for changing to EP200, the co-owner and farm manager René Hansen says:

– We decided to use EP200 to make better feed for our pigs – to ensure the pigs got through the climate section properly. European Protein was very price competitive, which became the beginning of our collaboration, and the quality is consistent, which is why we still use it today – eight years later.

A-competitive-soy protein-for-weaners

Great Gut Health 

Trøllundgaard Breeding and Multiplying use 10% EP200 in their second weaning feed and 2% in the third, giving the pigs a better gut microflora. EP200 helps stabilise digestive disturbances in pigs (1):

– We use EP00 in pig feed two and three to protect the guts of the pigs as much as possible. My experience with EP200 is that we have been pretty much free from diarrhoea in the weaner sections, and at no time do we medicate an entire group of pigs.

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(1) In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance.

A-competitive-soy protein-for-weaners

How EP200 works

EP200 consists of a soybean meal fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The process makes soybean meal gentler for the immature guts of young pigs because it removes unwanted compounds and makes protein, minerals, vitamins, and energy easier for the pig to utilise. EP200 contains 7% lactic acid – naturally formed during fermentation.

EP200 replaces other soy proteins or soy protein concentrates (SPC) in the weaner and pig feed. Your feed should be optimised when changing your protein source. 

Read more about EP200.

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