On this page we have gathered both the practical experiences from customers along with the scientific answers as to why gut health improves productivity and your bottom line.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE (EN) about the influence of seaweed on piglet gut health

Read Copenhagen Universities conclusion on the effect of seaweed in zinc-free weaning diets compared to zinc-free soy diets.

The trial showed that:

  • piglets fed seaweed and rapeseed had more diverse gut microflora
  • the same piglets increased the length of villi and crypts

Though the results were very positive, the functional protein EP100i, consisting of rapeseed alone, had an even greater effect on health and growth.

Find more information on EP100i for piglets here: EP100i.

PRESENTATION with DanBred-breeder Allan Gade

(22 minutes) in Danish with English subtitles

Watch Allan Gade’s presentation on the benefits of focusing on gut health in pig breeding. The presentation was held at European Proteins’ Seminar on Gut Health on the 26th of February 2020.

Allan Gade har been implementing the feeding concept: “The first 175 days”, where piglets are affected from the postnatal stage through maternal feeding of the sow with EP199.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE (EN) about the influence of gut health on sow reproduction

Read Lublin Universities’ impartial and independent trial on the impact of sow feed on both sow and offspring. The experiment showed that:

  • the sow produced more milk with up to 40% more antibodies
  • the sows weaned more kilos per litter

Find more information on our sow feed here: EP199.

A FEW POINTERS from the Seminar on Gut Health

In Danish, no English subtitles available at the moment.

The film is 7:30 minutes and shows Professor, Dennis Sandris (2:15), Veterinarian, Michael Agerley (2:20), Director, Jens Legarth (0:30) and breeder, Allan Gade (2:30)

On the 26th of February 2020, the seminar on Gut Health for pig producers was held. We invited Professor, Dennis Sandris, to enlighten us on the link between gut health and prevention of disease and Veterinarian, Michael Agerley, to elaborate on the influence of gut health in pig production and the impact of the antibiotics on gut health.

Listen to a few of the critical points here or see them in their full length as they are uploaded and texted on this page.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE (EN) on the replacement of ZnO for piglets with EP100i

Read Copenhagen and Aarhus Universities large scale trial on the effect of EP100i to replace ZnO and improve performance for piglets. The experiment showed that:

  • EP100i is a good as ZnO to improve gut health
  • piglets grow better on a diet of 10% EP100i added in place of soy protein than soy protein added 2.500 ppm(+600 grams)
  • EP100i positively changes the gut microbiota the same way zinc oxide does
  • EP100i develops the immune defence eight times better than soy protein with zinc oxide

Find more information on the protein feed here: EP100i. Or read the article: “Fermented rapeseed as good as medicinal zinc.”

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE (EN) on improved health status for sows and offspring due to maternal feeding of fermented rapeseed during gestation and lactation.

Read Lublin Universities impartial trial on the significant health effect of fermented rapeseed on sows and their offspring. The experiment showed that:

  • the mineral absorption improved for both sow and offspring.
  • oxygen supply improved during gestation and lactation.
  • the blood ability to bind iron increased for both sows and offspring.
  • the blood content of iron increased.

Find more information on fermented sow feed here: EP199.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE (EN) about improved bone development for piglets from sows fed with fermented rapeseed during gestation and lactation.

Read Lublin Universities impartial trial investigating how fermented rapeseed improves the development of bones and cartilage in piglets. The experiment showed that:

  • the piglet femur bones were longer and heavier
  • the amount of cartilage increased
  • the bone strength increased (3-point bending test)

Find more information on the sow protein feed here: EP199.


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