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At European Protein AS we are working to promote breeding of antibiotic-free pigs and animals with the desire to promote sustainable farming.

Generally speaking we search to produce as many animals as possible without the use of antibiotics. The goal is to give the farmer / producer the opportunity to breed animals without the use of antibiotics and to create a production form that provides a better income base for the producer. In addition, it is possible to offer end-users products from pigs and poultry produced without the use of antibiotics.

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Our products are designed for the individual consumer and created with focus on health, sustainability, and environment.
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Below you will have the opportunity to read testimonials frem some of our costumers using EP products. Please feel free to contact us here for further information.

Steffen Børgesen, piglet producer

Farmer Steffen Børgesen, Gammelgaard Galten commented on the use of EP200 combined with EP100i:

“I started with EP200 in the spring last year, during a 3 month startup phase I added 1/3 EP200 and 2/3 HP200 and continuously phased HP200 out. After 3 months the piglets ran on pure EP200 and I have never had a better result. The weaning weight in the climate stable was about 6.2 – 6.8 kg and after 5 1/2 weeks, the pigs were put for further sale weighing 24-26.5 kg. I would have liked to had retained them until the weight of 30 kg, but I do not have room for it.
In addition, the drug consumption for the piglets have been halved by combining EP200 with EP100i. The conclusion on the use of EP products is that I have never had a better result and I would not be without it.”



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