Former Bank Executive, Jan Svarre,  has been appointed as Chairman for the protein producer European Protein and its parent company Fermentationexperts

European Protein appoints new Chairman

The protein producer European Protein has appointed the former Bank Executive, Jan Svarre, as Chairman of the board for both European Protein and its parent company Fermentationexperts.

Jan Svarre has had a long carrier in Banking, as Bank Director of Sydbank A/S until 2019 and director and Country Manager for Personal Banking in Danske Bank back in 2013.

Jan Svarres current focus is directed towards board-and advisory board tasks along with management task in strategy, business development and management.

 When asked about the upcoming tasks as chairman, the newly appointed Chairman says:

” There’s no doubt that European Protein has developed a feed solution, that significantly and at a low-cost boosts health and productivity for animals. The company has a growing market share in the Danish market due to its unique animal feed, which helps the pig and poultry producers to increase their profits. But the potential is far from exploited. Together with the employees and the management team in both companies, I look forward to expanding the sales internationally.”

 Jens Legarth, the director of both European Protein and Fermentationexperts, is thrilled that Jan Svarre has accepted the position as Chairman of the Board:

” With Jan on our team, we are equipped for expansion, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration, where we can benefit from Jan’s substantial experience with export and business development.”

About European Protein

European Protein is an innovative producer of health-promoting feeds for animals. The company’s patented fermentation process makes proteins that increase the animals gut health and productivity – making sure that healthy animals are a healthy business for the farmer.

European Protein is a family-owned company located in Denmark with additional production facilities in Ukraine and the US. The fermented feed can be bought directly from European Protein or through the company’s distribution network.

Al research and development is carried out at the parent company Fermentationexperts.


For more information contact

Jens Legarth, CEO

[email protected]

+45 23 34 93 34

Jan Svarre, Chairman

[email protected]

+45 29 12 31 59


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European Protein is a Danish family-owned protein producer. We work to promote health and productivity for animals through functional and sustainable plant proteins. The company was founded in 2011 and has protein factories in Denmark, Ukraine and the US.

European Protein GMP+ certificate

European Protein is GMP+-certified


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